4 Ways to Build a Great Brand

Building a great brand is  not just about picking the right font, color palette or the best stock photos. Building a great brand requires you to recognize that a brand is much more than those aforementioned elements. They are part of it, yes, but they are not the whole thing.

We think of branding as how you show up and become memorable in someone’s mind so that they call you when they need your product, service, or help.

Here are four very important steps to take to build a great brand.

#1: Repeat after me: Normal is noise.

If you are doing the same old song and dance that everyone else in your industry is doing, well, my friend you are simply being “normal” and you are adding to the noise. You are NOT cutting through the noise if you simply show up as “normal”.  Stand out. Differentiate. That’s the point of branding! You are special and do something that nobody else does. Show it off. Don’t be boring. Don’t be normal. Don’t simply add to the noise. Cut through it by being different. Different is good when it comes to branding.

#2: Let go of fear.

Fear comes in many forms when it comes to brand building and growing your company or mission-focused organization.  There is fear of failure, fear of going out on a limb and fear of trying something new. Fear is a killer of great branding. Don’t let it get in your way.

#3: Eliminate friction and bring value.

This can come in the form of information, resources and ways to improve your audience’s daily lives. This can also come in the form of well-planned user experiences for your customers. Make it easy to interact with your brand. Make people want to interact because they cannot live without all the value you bring to them.

#4: Focus more on the customer experience than your sales goals.

Yes, this is scary. But, trust in the process of long-term, sustainable brand building. This happens by focusing more on the person you are serving than your own sales goals. Trust the process, create AMAZING customer experiences, and the sales will fall into place.