3 Big Misconceptions About Branding

Building a great brand is  not just about picking the right font, color palette or the best stock photos. Building a great brand requires you to recognize that a brand is much more than those aforementioned elements. They are part of it, yes, but they are not the whole thing.

We think of branding as how you show up and become memorable in someone’s mind so that they call you when they need your product, service, or help.

Here are four very important steps to take to build a great brand.

#1: Branding doesn't drive revenue.


Instead shift your thinking to this: If your brand is not bold enough to make someone stop and take a look, how will it ever bring in a sale.

#2: Spending money on branding is alright to do only when you have extra budget


Shift your thinking to this instead: Your brand story, voice and identity should be defined before spending any money on sales and marketing tactics.

#3: Brand awareness marketing doesn't convert.

Yep, you guessed it. False, again!

Shift your thinking to this: Brand awareness efforts get you seen in the first place.

Brand gives you the opportunity to get found, get noticed and begin to build the relationship that keeps loyal fans and customers coming back to you for a lifetime.