Branding vs Marketing

What IS the difference between branding and marketing. The two functions are often confused with one another.

Spending time on “the brand” is often overlooked and many companies and nonprofits go straight to the marketing. However, branding and marketing serve your growth goals in different ways, and each deserves significant airtime.

I’ll break it down in simple terms for you with my definitions of branding and marketing, and why you need to do both.

Branding is...

Owning your voice and showing up with it through stories, visualization, and proof of how you bring value into someone’s life.

Branding is about differentiating.

Marketing is...

The tactics and strategies to get in front of people and have your voice heard.

Marketing is about amplification.

Why the distinction matters...

This can come in the form of information, resources and ways to improve your audience’s daily lives. This can also come in the form of well-planned user experiences for your customers. Make it easy to interact with your brand. Make people want to interact because they cannot live without all the value you bring to them.

#4: Focus more on the customer experience than your sales goals.

Just likes peas and carrots, or Forrest Gump and Jenny, branding and marketing go hand-in-hand. But, they are indeed different. Understanding the difference is important to knowing when to focus on branding and when to focus on marketing. So, the next time someone asks you if you need to spend time on branding, hopefully you have a little bit of insight to share on the differences between branding and marketing, and why each need care and attention.